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About us

"HottiePooh" is founded by Ankitha Srivastav. In 2017, She started her small "WhatsApp" (Apparel) business and continued it for 4 long years. Her Pure dedication and love towards her business made her come up with the Idea Of launching a Unique Brand "HottiePooh".

"Hottie" is the most loved compliment by women & "Pooh" is a Carefree, Innocent & Honey-Loving Bear who loves and accepts himself the way He is. And "HottiePooh" has been launched with the similar concept for all the Women to tell them they are flawlessly beautiful no matter the size, shape, height, or weight they have. They should love, embrace and accept themselves the way they are.

This is what exactly our Brand says..Embrace yourself..Accept yourself.. and Love yourself the Pooh Way...